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Why Image Enhancer AI?

Image Enhancer AI is one stop shop for all your image enhancements, upscaling and correction needs. We provide upscaling, face correction features suitable for almost any photo.

Enhance Interior Design

Instantly transform your interior design photos into stunning, professional-grade visuals for an unforgettable first impression.

Enhance Illustrations

Discover the Incredible Attention to Detail!

Enhance Landscape pictures

Discover the Incredible Attention to Detail!


Simple pricing, no commitment!

Purchase credits to enhance your images instantly. No subscriptions or hidden fees. Only pay for what you need!



Perfect for occasional use. Ideal for testing out the service or for small, one-off projects.

  • 3 free credits
  • 10 enhancements
Buy 10 Credits



Buy in bulk and save. Great for professionals, frequent users, or larger enhancement jobs.

  • 3 free credits
  • 50 enhancements
Buy 50 Credits

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